Hanny Karra® is a brand of luxury parfums which took life from the love for the unlimited combinations of scents and creating unisex parfums, to be enjoyed by her and him, with every occasion they wish, being part of their life and making memories. From the years 3000 BC in Mesopotamia when first parfum was in the form of incense evoking centuries of glamour; then refined by the Persians, the Arabs, and the Romans and by 14th century when France became the European Centre of parfums manufacturer by cultivation of flowers for their parfum essence, and till today the parfums have always been and always will be part of our lives. Our aim is to become a well-recognized brand of parfums and be part of the big parfums industry and our customers to be part of Hanny Karra’s family, creating from the heart of France unisex parfums from the rainbow of notes preferred and loved by our customers, our family. We want to go above and beyond to give to our customers the finest rainbow of notes in a bottle of parfum.

A parfum is attraction!

A parfum is emotions!

A parfum is part of our life!

A parfum is addiction!

A parfum is memories!

A parfum is elegance!

A parfum is irresistibility!